Small Victory Bread + Coffee

Bakery + Cafe

Location / Vancouver, Canada
Project Type / Interior Renovation
Size / 2700 sf
Completion / 2014

Wall Art Installation by Ricky Alvarez

Photography / Tigh Farley, Glasfurd & Walker

Small Victory Bread & Coffee opened in its current location on Homer Street in historic Yaletown in 2014. The design pays homage to the heritage character of Yaletown by alluding to the spirit of the Beaux Arts with brass accents that energize the modern and minimalist character of the cafe.

A Carrara marble coffee bar extends into the heart of the cafe, connecting the food and drink preparation space with an open, communal ambiance. This historically dense material is combined with engineered wood planking, which grounds the stone back to its humble roots, and within a functional, contemporary minimalism.

Oak panels used on the floor and walls reflect soft light, which gives the cafe a subtle warmth. The brass detailing is complemented by an elegant, crystalline wall-sculpture, designed in collaboration with Vancouver artist Ricky Alvarez.