Maple Street Development

Conversion dwelling

Location / Vancouver, Canada
Project Type / Retention project
Size / 6800 sf
Completion / Current


Working with the City of Vancouver through the Conditional Approval Process and/or rezoning we are currently exploring opportunities to create affordable strata and rental housing. Our first project – the Maple Street Development - is an adaptive re-use urban densification initiative in Vancouver’s Kitsilano neighbourhood. 

This 3 unit multiple conversion dwelling retains two existing character houses on site and proposes the creation of a contrasting minimal modernist element. The architecturally modern intervention creates additional floor area that connects the two houses to address the existing illegal non-conforming condition of two separately addressed distinct structures on a single lot. 

This project responds to the need for a creative interpretation of zoning conditions and municipal restrictions, and building typology in order to create increased density and urban infill. By challenging restrictive zoning regulations and nostalgic notions of heritage preservation in Vancouver we seek to create new interpretations of the integration of old and new architectural forms.