Inter | section

Exhibition Installation

Location / Vancouver, Canada
Project Type / Exhibition
Size / 1200 sf
Completion / 2010 

Project completed by Campos Leckie Studio.

Photography / John Sinal


Consistent with the exhibition theme of High Performance: Evolution and innovation in Canadian Design, inter/section demonstrates the potential of contemporary wood fabrication technologies to generate formal variation from standardized wood construction materials within the constraints of material efficiency, ease of assembly/disassembly, and adaptive reuse.

The form of inter/section structures the relationship between the viewer, the exhibition objects, and associated graphic information while specific sections respond to the particular placement and spatial dimensions of each of the objects. 

All components in the assembly are joined through interlocking friction connections without the use of fasteners or adhesives. The installation is created using 172 sheets of plywood that were cut using a 3-axis CNC (computer numerically controlled) router. The 288 vertical planes are paired and cut from 144 sheet of plywood. The remaining 28 sheets are used for interlocking horizontal pieces that shape this particular installation.


Exploded Diagram

Object Overlay Diagram

Assembly Diagram

Stacking Diagram