Hastings-Sunrise Artist Studio

Laneway Urban Infill

Location / Vancouver, Canada
Project Type / New Construction
Size / 800 sf
Completion / 2010

Photography / John Sinal

Project completed by Campos Leckie Studio


This project was conceived with two specific programmatic scenarios in mind – an immediate requirement for an 800 square foot working artist studio, secure storage, and covered parking space; as well as a future agenda to easily convert the structure into a one-bedroom laneway dwelling. It was designed prior to the City of Vancouver’s Laneway Housing Initiative, and represents a progressive approach to Vancouver’s zoning bylaws.

In the artist studio scenario, the finished ‘garage’ is used as a storage space, with large swing doors opening onto the lane for moving large artwork in and out of the studio. In the laneway dwelling scenario, the ‘garage’ is converted into a bedroom, and the powder room expands to accommodate an already roughed-in shower.

The main architectural feature is a retractable glass wall that opens to connect the studio / living space to the garden. The glass wall faces south, capturing as much light as possible year-round, while also incorporating a cantilevered overhang to minimize solar gain during the summer months.

Vancouver’s temperate climate allows the glass wall to be open throughout most of the year -protected from rain by the cantilevered roof above.

Site Plan

1-lane  2-laneway studio  3-patio  4-existing dwelling

Floor Plan

1-living  2-kitchen  3-bedroom  4-ensuite  5-patio  6-car-port