Crosstown Loft

Adaptive Re-use

Location / Vancouver, Canada
Project Type / Interior Renovation
Size / 2000 sf
Completion / 2009

Photography / John Sinal

Project completed by Campos Leckie Studio


The existing building at 550 Beatty St. was Vancouver’s first ‘New York style open plan loft’ - originally a warehouse from 1907 that was retrofitted in 1981. In this new, third iteration of the life of the building, the programmatic demands of a young family have been accommodated within the spatial constraints of a typical urban loft typology.

The primary challenge in this project was the creation of three discrete bedrooms in an existing floor plan which only has access to natural light and ventilation at the end of its longitudinal axis. A convertible architectural strategy was employed with a series of sliding partitions that divide the open space of the lower floor into three distinct rooms at night.


Upper Floor Plan / Lower Floor Plan - One Child Scenario / Lower Floor Plan - Two Child Scenario