Karameller Candy Shop

Commercial Interior

Location / Vancouver, BC
Project Type / Interior Renovation
Size / 350 sf
Completion / 2015

Photography / Ema Peter


Karameller, meaning ‘hard candy’ in Swedish, is a modernist interpretation of a traditional candy shop that specializes in high quality sweets from Scandinavia. Driven by the attention to detail that is commonly found in contemporary Scandinavian design, the shop's long and narrow floor plan and all white interiors give focus to the colourful candy display.

The long bank of custom casework is the singular design feature in the space, with a focus on high performance lighting and minimalist design, the architecture is intended to interpret the compartmental design of classical apothecaries and the medicinal assemblage of Damien Hirst’s installation Pharmacy. This one element is articulated to provide all the necessary products and equipment, such as tongs, scoops, weigh scales, point-of-purchase equipment, cleaning equipment, and work surfaces, for the daily operation of the store.